Funniest Short Jokes Of All Time For Adults | Vignette #168

2021.09.21 15:44 dealmein923 Funniest Short Jokes Of All Time For Adults | Vignette #168

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2021.09.21 15:44 Robin_7883 Gigachads of the gigachads

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2021.09.21 15:44 SameSeaworthiness243 New Camembert, BLUE- White truffle - AND BRUNOST!! Finished: an aged white truffle cheese & 4th recipe of Brunost that surprised me 🤤. What are your views/interest in purchasing samples from home vegan cheese makers? I’d love to keep experimenting-They are so tasty & I’d love many ppl to try them

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2021.09.21 15:44 Spinexel [The Undefeated] Jaylen Brown: “Just because I escaped some of the barriers that society has put up and reached a certain level of success doesn’t mean I’m going to not care about the community that I came from.”


What kind of a realization did you, and perhaps the players, have in terms of your power that maybe you didn’t realize before when the work stoppage in the bubble to protest against police brutality and social injustice?
Sports and entertainment, art, culture are some of the most influential podiums on the planet. So, the more people use those podiums thoughtfully, we educate ourselves and do research, and work with each other, the more work we can get done. Athletes, we have a lot of influence on the next generation on. So, instead of encouraging the culture to just dismiss our responsibility, like they try to do … They try to encourage us, ‘No, you just need to focus on basketball.’ ‘Oh, you just need to focus on this, go and get some cars, and some clothes, and some money and forget about everything to do with your community.’ But I disagree. Just because I escaped some of the barriers that society has put up and reached a certain level of success doesn’t mean I’m going to not care about the community that I came from.
And the people who won’t, we still have these things that are institutionalized in systemic racism that are affecting people’s lives every day. People think racism is just me telling somebody I don’t like them for X, Y, and Z, but systemic racism is, I think, where the fight really is. And that’s through education, not allowing certain kids to get through school, or overrecruiting them, or not allowing people to get jobs, not allowing them to apply for loans and get housing, or sending them to jails with max sentences for various crimes. That’s what racism looks like. And a lot of people, because of the traumatic experiences we’ve seen in police brutality and things like that, we forget about institutionalized racism that’s doing far more damage in the community than any of those instances.
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2021.09.21 15:44 jordanbelly Best Magazine Fed Paintball Guns 2021: Reviews & Top Battle-Tested Picks

Umarex T4E TM-4 Carbine .43 Caliber Training Rifle Paintball Gun Marker
TM4 of the Umarex brand is not simply an entertaining paintball gun. If you pay close attention, you will see that even the smallest details of the TM4 are very similar to the M4 in real life.
From form to weight, visibility and even recoil are almost the same. To do this, Umarex equips the TM4 with a back-breathing system.
Not only that, but the TM4 also has the most advanced settings – something very few paintball guns incorporate a blower system. Thanks to that, TM4 can give you a little bit of realism.
Because the Tm4 is the paintball gun with a very realistic design, so to use it, you’ll have to accept some quirks.
The first is the grip, handguard, and magazine. They are all painted blue so that the police can easily distinguish the Tm4 from the real gun. Because if you put two guns next to each other, it will be difficult to determine the real from the fake because they have identical designs.
Second, when you need to change any part, you will have to spend a fair amount of money. However, you do not need to worry too much because Umarex is very durable to use for a long time without any problems.
See more:
#paintballadvisors #paintball
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2021.09.21 15:44 Nulfreak Them hyped
" Support For

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2021.09.21 15:44 RustyPainter Is anyone using the Beta 8.02 Firmware on their 945?

Like the question says. Is anyone currently running 8.02 beta firmware on their 945? If so, any issues? I did see that there was an issue with open water swimming. I don't swim, so that wouldn't affect me. I'm mainly focused on running and gym workouts.
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2021.09.21 15:44 multibaker 21 [F4R] trans girl looking for some friends.

Hey, just looking for some friends to talk to. Need company while I rearrange my PC setup. I like video games, movies, and occasionally watch anime. What's your favorite game or movie?
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2021.09.21 15:44 AdministrativeSet419 Almost 2 weeks and no scabs at all

Hi, I am almost two weeks and my eyebrows have gotten a little lighter in a very few places, where the pigment has almost disappeared, but I don’t seem to have had any scabs at all that I have seen.
They were very itchy during the time period where they scab for most people, after the first few days, but they just never formed scabs.
I don’t know if I did something wrong, the aftercare is so confusing. I haven’t washed my brows nor got them wet, apart from dabbing them with a barely damp cotton pad, then patting dry with another cotton pad straight after, once or sometimes twice a day.
I am so confused - no one ever talks about what happens if you don’t scab. I was really looking forward to starting to wash my face normally again. The skin around my brows is really dry, as I haven’t used moisturiser or anything to be on the safe side, and the skin around my brows is so dry it’s now flaking off, but my brows are doing nothing. Do I need to continue to wait to see if they will scab before I wash my face? Aargh, love my brows but so exasperated with the healing, this is really stressing me out.
I feel like I did everything and have tried to be so careful but now I’m worried it just hasn’t worked, or I’m going to look like this (with lighter and darker patches) for months.
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2021.09.21 15:44 Fxon I want to feel you hairline now!

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2021.09.21 15:44 BourboDoggie63 Pixel 5 Beta Wifi Issue

I have had issues before the latest Beta update with our home wifi, no internet connection, usually a network reset fixes it. Now I am on the latest and suddenly I cannot get an internet connection with my pixel, laptops and other mobile devices connect and have no issues, anyone else? Workaround?
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2021.09.21 15:44 wastegum Goofies, I offer undeniable proof that cable TV demos are THE DEFINITIVE METRIC by which to gauge a wrestling company’s success:

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2021.09.21 15:44 CabinetComfortable23 Best clubs for Halloween night

I'm fairly new to the clubbing scene in London so I need some suggestions for a night out on Halloween.
Me and my friends are around 25 years old and are into edm, hip hop and rnb. What are your recommendations for a night out?
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2021.09.21 15:44 m_mishra First ever attempt at Making Interiors! How does it look?

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2021.09.21 15:44 depressinganthropoid Would you be interested in a platform to sell your ideas/inventions to corporate enterprises?

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2021.09.21 15:44 Logan_Shi Happy Mid-Autumn festival

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2021.09.21 15:44 PsychoSuzanne Little Business [OC]

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2021.09.21 15:44 RayneMal Looking for info on Screen sharing.

I have a Xbox One and a gaming laptop now. It's been awhile since I've seen anything on just Screen Sharing and was wondering if I can just fire up my Xbox and play on my Laptop?
I know for Cloud gaming you don't need the Xbox, just a controller and Gamepass. I'm also aware of Play Anywhere games.
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2021.09.21 15:44 Truearoma Do you find only children are more distant with their extended family once they get older? Past 21 for example

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2021.09.21 15:44 Excetna Only one more day til Wednesday apes, just don’t dance

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2021.09.21 15:44 zom_baee 29F looking for someone to [Chat] with hopefully long term if we hit it off!

im a stay at home mom, i love music and movies, art and yoga. hiking is another favorite when i get the chance, not really sure what all to put here but im just looking for someone close to my age or older to chat with 😊
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2021.09.21 15:44 Fe4RLesssFanboi2015 MAde an accoutn in homage to fe4rless

been watching for a looong time. 2015. He taught me how to play. So now i make clips using snipers
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2021.09.21 15:44 Daisy2317 I don't even know how to caption this. She is the sweetest most mellow cat ever, but give her a cardboard box and this happens

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2021.09.21 15:44 doctortjs 'Rented' the Warlock quest to rake in 666 damage for the achievement, received an unexpected suprise!

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2021.09.21 15:44 Maintenance-Fresh Girlfriend makes me feel guilty

As background I have been with my girlfriend for just over a year, she suffers from an eating disorder and other mental health problems and is currently on antidepressants.
I feel like I do so much for my girlfriend yet she’s still annoyed at me constantly and says I’m not meeting her needs.
For example, recently my girlfriend got kicked out of her mums house. In response to this I moved her into my parents house with me and have also bought my own place for her to live at with me - the purchase is being finalised. Given she’s a student I am going to be paying for everything for her for the foreseeable future and was okay with supporting her like that. I regularly spend time looking for support groups and ways to help her with her eating disorder, including encouraging her to eat well and regularly and participate in exercise with me. Anything she wants or needs I provide for her without question, be it her favourite takeaway food, a hand bag, paying for her prescriptions and giving her money for her to spend on things she enjoys.
The problem is that despite all of this, she still nitpicks at me and says I’m a terrible boyfriend and treat her badly. Examples she gives are me leaving to go to my sisters house for a couple hours, forgetting about impromptu date plans such as going to the cinema together, suggesting she doesn’t live with me and my family as she was being uncomfortable around my sister who regularly visits.
I just feel as tho all the things she says I do that are wrong are only in response to something she does first. For example I only leave to go to my sisters house when she is annoyed with me and being in mood so I want to get out the house and away for a bit. I forgot about the cinema plans because she spent the day being angry at me and arguing with me. Because of one time months ago where I went to help my sister instead of her, she says I don’t make her a priority and feels uncomfortable when my sisters around (so I suggested she could move out). What she fails to see is that I spend 90% of my free time with her and minimal time with anyone else.
My best friend can be a bad influence on me but has been a loyal friend to me for 8 years. There was a time a few months back where she broke up with me because she didn’t want my best friend being a part of her future do to his drug use (I don’t partake in the drug use anymore and clean for over a year). She later came back to her senses and rescinded the breakup but told me that my best friend couldn’t be my best man if we got married. I told her I didn’t want to get back together if it was going to be like that and she still uses this against me saying I picked him over her.
I’m by no means a saint and have made my fair share of mistakes and hurt her. However for the past few months I have done nothing but look out for her, provide for her and be attentive and affectionate towards her. Yet she is still always complaining over everything I do and it’s leaving me feeling unappreciated and that I’m putting so much into the relationship only to be rewarded with an angry and annoyed partner.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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