Foraged some Chicken of the Woods and made “pulled” BBQ sandwiches.

One head of cabbage, vinegar, sugar. It’s that easy. The best things in life are easy. Now lets talk a minute about “rules”. Some folks will tell you that you should never serve pulled pork without slaw. Some folks will tell you that you should never serve pulled pork with slaw. Some folks will tell you that you should never serve bbq without red sauce and so on and so forth. Some of the burgers are made with slow smoked meats like the Oh Mamma Burger with deboned slow smoked Beef Ribs and Pulled Pork plus lots of other additions. If you like your burgers made in the traditional style or with a modern twist, we have you covered. The house-made barbecue sauces have gathered a cult following as well. All Family Style meals feed 4-6 people and include 3 large sides, 4 pieces of cornbread, and choice of 1 BBQ Sauce Build Your Own Family Style Choose 2 from our selection of meats - Brisket, Pork, Ribs, Smoked Chicken, Turkey, Smoked Sausage (original or Jalapeno Cheddar) Meat cut naming conventions are often confusing, but luckily with chicken things are made a lot simpler. Breast, leg, and chicken thigh are all pretty self explanatory, and the same goes for chicken quarters. Simply put, the cut gets its name from the fact that it consists of one quarter of the chicken. For some reason, people feel the need to char the heck out of grilled chicken, leaving it dry and literally unpalatable. But you eat it anyway to be nice. And then there are those who remove the chicken from the grill too soon because they put the grilling sauce on way too early and now it’s burning. Specialties: Offering classic Bay Area BBQ- Specializing in Chicken,Brisket, Homemade Links,Ribs,Tri-tip and the Colossal Beef Rib! Established in 2013. Smokin Woods BBQ started as a catering company in 2013 and over the past few years we have shared our flavor with thousands throughout the Bay Area. We recently decided to open a cafe due to multiple request for our food daily. I used Jack Daniels original BBQ sauce, added an onion, sliced, only used 3 large chicken breasts, and per the other reviewers, added some flour about an hour or more before the end of cooking. I didnt want my chicken to dry out so I was doing the 6 hour recipe and had to crank the heat to high for the last 2 hours or my chicken would not have ... Smoked pulled chicken brine. One of the best ways to preserve the moisture and flavor in chicken while it smokes is to use a good brine. Just like with our classic chicken wing brine, this mixture works by using salt to lock in the meat’s natural juices so that it doesn’t dry out when cooked over smoke.. You mix salt, beer, water, and some flavor of your choice. Gainesville Hours . Tuesday - Wednesday 11 - 7:00. Thursday - Saturday 11 - 8:00. Sunday 11 - 7:00. BREAKFAST: Sunday 8:00 - 11:00 AM . Manassas Hours Crack chicken is super easy to make. Do it on the stove top, or in the instant pot, or even in a slow cooker, but just do it! This is one our whole family LOVES! Our crack chicken recipe is so easy to make and is the perfect quick dinner that no one will fight about. Serve it in a bowl or on a bun alongside some easy sauteed vegetables, red roasted potatoes or shaved brussel sprout salad!

2021.09.21 17:02 jimcreighton12 Foraged some Chicken of the Woods and made “pulled” BBQ sandwiches.

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2021.09.21 17:02 Hecker_shrek The moment grandma leaves!

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2021.09.21 17:02 chairbornebg Sky News: Великобритания обвини трети руски разузнавач за отравянето на Сергей Скрипал

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2021.09.21 17:02 asmajda Filecoin Price Analysis: FIL spikes to $70 overnight, ready to rally higher? | Cryptopolitan

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2021.09.21 17:02 waterpistols just posted my very first instrumental ep - feedback would be greatly appreciated (i guarantee by the end of the ep you will be feeling a different type of way)

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2021.09.21 17:02 magosky2810 H: b2525 fixer W: be25 hm

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2021.09.21 17:02 CaseyWouldIWas 21[T4R] Cassandra Williams: Fall From Grace

Cassandra Williams: Fall From Grace
Hello People of Reddit. Today may I present to you perhaps my longest prompt yet. I'm looking to work on a story-driven NSFW roleplay that follows a young trap named Cassandra who at the roleplays beginning holds a highly-esteemed reputation, though when her depraved side is potentially exposed she gradually changes physically, mentally and emotionally (Essentially from brains to bimbo) into the depraved freak she so desperately tries to hide from the world as she jumps through hoops to appease the one who blackmails her. I hope for this to be a long-term prompt that explores not just Cassandra's journey, but also the impact her journey has on the world around her.
Many things could be said about Cassandra Williams. Academically she could almost be considered gifted, oftentimes top of her class in all modules she studied. Though studying hard wasn't the only thing Cassandra did with her time at University. She was also heavily involved in various sport and recreational teams that the campus offered (In many cases she was nominated to captain said teams but favouring her studies she turned the position down in all fields) as a result she sported a fit and toned figure. Cassandra was also a member of the University's Student Council, often times she would fight venomously for the rights and welfare of her fellow students. All things considered, these elements resulted in Cassandra quickly becoming one of the most popular, admirered and respected members of her school.
Having such a shining reputation built up for herself did have its drawbacks however. To her, image and rep was everything and how she presented herself was critical. The public's opinion held a considerable amount of weight on her shoulders. To add to this pressure, Cassandra held a triad of secrets close to her chest. Before enrolling in her university three years previously, Cassandra wasn't female but a young man. Though nobody could really tell judging by her appearance. Her soft feminine face gave nothing away and neither did her petite, yet curvy figure. The only indication that Cassandra was once a man was the cock that remained between her legs. The second secret she held was just how deeply disturbed her mind truly was, with a huge number of filthy and depraved fantasies that we're so dark and reputation shattering that she simply could not bear them coming to light.
Cassandra's third and final secret came in the form of her online alter-ego: Caseywouldiwas. With so many depraved fantasies that her inhibitions simply could not allow be linked to her actual identity. Cassandra indulged in these kinks, fetishes and fantasies on various different forms of social media. Posting long, detailed, accounts of the heinous and nasty acts she craved perform. These acts ranged from being turned into a freeuse whore for huge groups of people to living a life of servitide as a human fucktoy and toilet Cassandra would state nightly how much of a 'Dumb, Limitless Whore' she was. Along with all this she would post incredibly lewd and explicit photos of herself, taking particularly care to mask her facial features and tattoos for fear of anybody that actually knew her stumbling across her posts.
And so we step forward to the present where after a long day at Uni, Cassandra arrives back at her flat in a particularly horny state. Throughout the day she'd briefly check in on her alter-ego's social media accounts, which only added to the sexual frustration building up inside her. So as soon as she arrived in the door she dropped her bag and rushed to her room locking the door behind her. She wasted no time in heading towards her bed, dropping to her knees to pull out a suitcase beneath it. Cracking the combination on the lock sealing it closed she quickly began to rummage through various skimpy outfits to find her favourite. Not long after she changed and stood in front of her full length mirror to admire her look.
Before her standing at about 5'2" was a cute young trap, weighing about 110lb. The outfit in question consisted of a custom made white crop top with the words 'Human Toilet', an extremely short black skirt with a matching black lace bra (C-cup), fishnets, thongs and to separate her feet from the floor were her knee-length leather boots. Her long black hair fell to her shoulders with purple streaks glistening from the fluorescent lights that illuminated her room. Giving herself a cheeky wink she quickly made her way towards her bed, grabbing a few select toys from her suitcase before reaching for her laptop. Immediately she logged onto her socials to browse through any comments left on previous posts she made, reveling in the insults and derogatory comments left by perverted men. Some even begged for more pictures to be posted, videos too.
In such a horny state and feeling empowered by the degrading words she received Cassandra made a fateful and thoughtless decision that she would later come to regret. Setting up her camera she positioned it facing a blank wall in her room, taking care, but not enough care to hide anything that may indicate who she was. After about an hour she had made her first solo porn video, simplistic in her actions, merely fingering herself, stroking her cock and shoving various toys up her ass. It was her words that stood out most as she moaned out "Ugh I'm such a nasty slut! I deserve to be used by anybody who wants a pair of holes to fuck" at first before her words became more depraved as she started begging to be fed cum, piss, shit. She begged the camera, her viewers to ruin her in every way until finally her cock twitched violently and ropes of cum shot out, covering her face as she moaned and giggled mindlessly. Despite finishing she was still incredibly horny and so she made the fateful decision to post the video on each of her alter-ego's socials, unaware of the consequences such an action would bring...
I'm looking to roleplay a story in which Cassandra's falls from being a highly respected member of society, to being nothing more than a public whore, considered less than human. I want to play with the idea of Cassandra being incredibly ashamed of the depraved side she has and as such the blow that comes with her exposure hits harder than anything she could ever anticipate. I feel that given the fact that someone would have evidence of her depraved deeds would be adequate blackmail to make her do absolutely anything in a vein attempt to keep it secret. Inevitably I'd like to explore roleplaying scenes of extreme public humiliation and degradation; want to see Cassandra being gangbanged and bukkaked on university campus in front of all students and staff? Go for it. Want to bring her to the park wearing nothing more than a collar around her neck, dragging her by the leash so that those waking the grounds may use her and perhaps even allow their pets to have a go? Sounds good to me! Or maybe you might want to bring her to a filthy, disgusting public restroom in which shit and piss smears the floors and walls, clogged urinals and shit filled toilets provide an excellent space to turn Cassandra into the perfect little human toilet. I wish to see Cassandra be ruined, humiliated and degraded in the worst ways possible. Though before even getting into any of that I feel there's some points I should note:

If I am to roleplay with you I hope there is a mutual understanding between us that we both have lives in the real world. Sometimes my responses can be inconsistent as something in my life comes up or I need to tend to my responsibilities.
I am a sucker for good grammar and literate responses. I love detail and proper punctuation, I appreciate using "Quotations" for speech and 'Punctuation Marks' for a characters inner thoughts. I also understand that we make mistakes with the above and I appreciate that, heaven knows I do it myself at times.
Please don't send me an initial message saying "Hey" or "Hey Cassandra, I'm your new Master" or anything along those lines. One sentence introductions only bore me and don't give me anything to go on when considering what you like in a roleplay and what ideas you might have.
Before roleplaying I like to do a little planning and undergo some general conversation to get a feel for who you are and what you like. So if you're unsure with how to introduce yourself, simply message stating your character's name along with youtheir kinks, fetishes and limits. Fill me in on what role you'd like to play, what gender you want to be and give me some ideas you'd like to bring to the roleplay.
I like my roleplay partners to have the freedom to play any character, role and gender you wish to play as. Maybe you're a viewer of Cassandra's socials that recognises her and uses that information to coerce her into performing the depraved acts she so desperetely claims she wants. Maybe she didn't actually lock her door and you're a roommate that walks in on her, catching her in the act as she moans out the filthy things she desires. Before she notices you perhaps you recorded her antics, now equipped with fantastic leverage for blackmail you may use Cassandra in any way you want while she desperately follows your command in the vein hope of salvaging her reputation. The choice is yours.
An near full list of kinks and fetishes that I enjoy in a roleplay are: Watersports, Excessive Amounts of Cum, Excessive Amounts of Fluids, Huge Cocks, Cuckolding, MasteSlave, Humiliation and Degradation, Public (Especially in the case of the formerly mentioned), Sissification/Bimbofication, Drugs/Mind Altering Drugs/Hypnosis/IQ Loss, Gangbangs, Bukkakes, Free-Use, Femdom, Non-Con, Blackmail, Recording Depraved/Humiliating Acts, Diapers and finally a huge one that I personally really enjoy in a roleplay but understand is rare; Scat. I absolutely love this as a degrading and humiliating element in a roleplay and if you're into it you're top of my list.
So whoever you are, be it male, female, trans or other. I would absolutely love to create a dark, filthy and simply depraved roleplay with you. Once again before messaging please see the pointers mentioned above as proper planning in my view creates far more entertaining scenes. Before messaging please include to word 'Exposed' in your introductory message so that I'm aware that you've read my post in its entirety. Thank you for reading this incredibly long post to get to where you are now and I do so look forward to playing with you.
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2021.09.21 17:02 deannnh Young girl almost dies, is saved by death, falls in love with him as a teenager

In this YA novel, a mom begs for her daughters life when she dies from an illness as a child. She makes a deal with death, who comes to reap her, so death leaves her. She then grows up and death falls in love with her as a teenager. She's the only one who can see him, and she sees ghosts as well. He often leaves her, and she begins to tutor the football jock who begins to like her, and then death comes back to save her. Me and a student of mine are BOTH looking for this book and can't find it anywhere, and it's a series.
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2021.09.21 17:02 linecookliz Getting diagnosed vs not - society.

Society is strange regarding mental illness. Now I know why no one wants help for it. I was living life and always weird but just got labeled "odd or interesting". Now that I'm getting help for my trauma, got diagnosed and taking low dose medication; I get labeled a psycho. My family acts different around me but this is for my kid. I'm trying to be a better parent than what I had.
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2021.09.21 17:02 Klone211 I honestly don’t know what’s stopping you from doing it (for the ones that are able). XX headed to CS, will buy directly from CS henceforth.

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2021.09.21 17:02 Vodkahangover H: good rolls W: caps

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2021.09.21 17:02 canadian-weed VMs vs. Containers: When to Use Each - YouTube

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2021.09.21 17:02 ArchDukeNemesis There's an Uprising going down on r/Helltaker

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2021.09.21 17:02 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 17:02 AndreilEffect What do you thing is fundamental to teach your new dog?

I’ve had dogs all my life and I’ve accumulated quite the list of things I’d teach a new dog, in addition to the basic of course (like sit, down, stay, to not pull etc..). In my country we don’t really use crates inside the house, but I’ve still trained my dog to experience her crate for when we travel as a positive thing and she loves it. Right now my dog is going deaf, and I keep thinking on how much we’d both benefit if I thought about training her with a vibrating collar, to teach her to come back when I’d turn it on. Or the importance of teaching a dog to wear the muzzle, because it can always be needed and it’s only a positive thing that the dog is completely fine with it. I think I could give 100 examples, but I wanna know yours :)
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2021.09.21 17:02 mekykeki Escaping abuse benefit

Has anyone claimed this benefit or knows someone close who has? I am attempting to plan my exit but am having financial difficulties. While I am able to see information on what can be covered through the website, I would like to know what amount is typically realistic or standard.
Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.21 17:02 MentalShame1 Can someone pray for me?

I lost my father on this past Friday and I really need prayer. He was in the hospital for about 3 months and he had a cardiac arrest. They tried to revive him for about 30 minutes but he wasn’t responding. It doesn’t feel real but unfortunately it is. He’s not going to see me graduate high school, or college, or walk me down the aisle.
Please pray for me and my mom. Thank you and God bless.
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2021.09.21 17:02 YEPShadow budget earbuds

I'm looking for earbuds around 40-70$ also sound quality must be good any recommendation?.
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2021.09.21 17:02 The1stCitizenOfTheIn Biden dubs Ethiopia 'US national security threat' to justify economic warfare

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2021.09.21 17:02 El_RoachoDayton Mail Call! Atlanta Braves 30th Anniversary Lemon Lime Collection Lids Exclusive

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2021.09.21 17:02 msutyler CEO AMA - The community gave you $120m in funding - the least you can do is answer some of our questions

Calling out Bankera leadership - you guys happily took over $120m in funding and then delivered zero value to those ICO contributors. You've completely abandoned the token - there is no market for it, no trading, no volume, no value. Even if ICO contributors wanted to sell, they can't. There's no community engagement, no replies on social media, no telegram chat. All you get are stock answers from live chat.
You'd think that maybe $120m would at least buy us an AMA so we can ask the executive team so tough questions such as.

  1. Are there any plans now or in the future for Bankera to actively support the BNK token and/or market? In the form of token buybacks, market making, etc.
  2. Will you allow transparency into the weekly net revenues. Weekly payouts are no more, why? Why has revenue and thus ETH payout amounts dropped? Can we see the financial details of those revenue numbers so we can audit them?
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