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Confused about which Gaming laptop to buy

2021.10.24 03:52 TheCornedCarrot Confused about which Gaming laptop to buy

Hello! Im currently thinking of switching my two year old laptop with a new one. I like to game on the casual scale. But need a good graphics card mainly coz, i wanna see how fps above 20-30 feels like. I have the following laptops on my list and was hoping i could get some user experiences, feedback, pros, cons, opinions etc! It would really help me decide on one! 1. Razer Advanced Edition 2021 i7-11800H, RTX 3070 2. Alienware m15 R6 i7-11800H, RTX 3070 3. HP Omen 4. MSI Stealth GS66 i7-11800H, RTX 3070
Please do suggest laptops which do not come under this list. P.S : I need a camera on these laptops because i aill ve6 using for work related stuff too!
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2021.10.24 03:52 mofo_took_soidester why do people buy AirPods?

(This isn’t my like my last post, genuine question here)
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2021.10.24 03:52 iranmorelikeidgaf anyone wanna jerk to 6godmaya feed

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2021.10.24 03:52 scarecrow9281 Gentiane in a Wedding dress

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2021.10.24 03:52 KGkingsfan Commissioner Waiver Wire Etiquette

A team dropped Seals-Jones on Saturday morning and the ESPN waiver claim says an add of him won’t go through until next Wednesday. I want to add him in case Waller is out tomorrow. Is this a situation where the commissioner should allow me to add him despite the system not allowing it?
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2021.10.24 03:52 AffectionateDoctor93 Please fill out this questionnaire for my essay

It's for my writing class. I would greatly appreciate it if you could fill it out. Thanks and have a great day.
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2021.10.24 03:52 Red781RuM Is there a way to 'manage' upkeep ? I have ressources getting drained and don't know from where.

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2021.10.24 03:52 dyslexicpancreas From a whisper to a scream, 2021

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2021.10.24 03:52 Pancitquinton Hi everyone! I used the nd8/pl from freewell all day pack. I had a slight discoloration color violet from the left corner. How can I prevent this?

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2021.10.24 03:52 XxxMcNuggwtsxxX FNIA Minireena (SC-136/ShadowCrafterz136)

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2021.10.24 03:52 PlEaSe_sToPgujhbn Got you

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2021.10.24 03:52 blackmengod Uff

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2021.10.24 03:52 Nerx Bastard!! part 2

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2021.10.24 03:52 LilyMcAllister $10 OFF! [InstaCart] You also got FREE delivery or pickup on your first order. Savings applied at checkout.

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2021.10.24 03:52 joshrar King/queen surveying his/her land

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2021.10.24 03:52 RufisT_T Koji Yusa, Baizhu's JP VA, Genshin Impact interview when?

I'm looking forward and very hopeful.
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2021.10.24 03:52 ShiMeNone "It's not what it looks like, i promise"

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2021.10.24 03:52 NanoNona9 Binger and addict question

What on earth do you guys do to keep the high up when you've done so much that it just doesn't feel?
Booze on the table.
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2021.10.24 03:52 LPercepts What issues should one be aware of for the Fansproject and Warbotron Bruticus sets.

A friend of mine recently acquired both of the aforementioned sets second hand, but they are both complete and in good condition and were not used much by the previous owner. We've heard some information here and there on the internet about potential QC and breakage issues with these sets, and he is of course, concerned about them. He has not really transformed or touched the figures all that much yet, since he am nervous about potentially breaking something because he didn't know what he was doing. Does anyone on here have any information that they could share about this matter? I want to help him out on this, but I am uncertain as to where to start and it seems that as these are old figures, searching for information might involve trawling through lots of internet forum pages that are likely many years old. Any assistance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
For reference, the Warbotron set in question is the original release, with Air Burst's torso being necessary to replace. The replacement torso is also present as well. We're not sure what the problem with the torso is that requires its replacement, though.
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2021.10.24 03:52 I-like_you VÉRITÉ

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2021.10.24 03:52 Very_phoenix Bring in the $100000000000 Water

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2021.10.24 03:52 Valuable-Living-4621 Difference between Jazz, Modern Dance, Contemporary and Ballet

What is the difference between these four? I want to learn contemporary dance style but I don't know the difference between these dance styles, I want to know about them first. Help please.
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2021.10.24 03:52 zipzapzooom Can't get credit card because I don't have a credit history with banks

How tf am I supposed to build a credit history without a credit card? Can someone explain? I've applied to 2-3 cards and have been told the same thing. My salary is way above the minimum requirement.
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2021.10.24 03:52 nogsmcgogs Breakdown within the first week

Just discovered this sub today and decided it would do me some good to vent about it all.
I adopted a 17 week old mastiff (?) cross rescue puppy on Tuesday. She actually came all the way town from the top of Queensland (I'm Australian) down to regional Victoria, the transport which I paid for.
The first few days were great; she's a really well behaved dog, very sweet. I'm not sure exactly what she's been through, but she has REALLY scarred up ears to the point that one of them is stiff, as well as some other scabbing and scars. Despite it all, she's very friendly and polite.
I came home from a long walk with her this morning and just burst into tears.
I think the first hint towards the puppy blues was her pissing on my bed. I was mad, but I felt that it was my fault for not taking her outside to pee often enough. It was strange, considering we had left her alone in my room for two hours prior and there were no accidents or destruction. But then it happened again. Still, I knew I should've taken her out before, but it was frustrating because now my mattress is stained on both sides. Even before I got her I was thinking about crate training, but my partner's mum (who also recently got a puppy) said it felt kind of cruel. I thought that too, but now I understand why people do it. I've ordered a crate online and I'm desperately waiting for it now. I think one of the reasons I put off taking her outside is because with the current state of the house it's such an effort. I can't let her out unsupervised because we have temporary fencing that I know she could climb over if she figured it out. I can't let her out through the side door that goes directly to the backyard because there's junk in the way that my partner's father needs to pick up, plus I can't walk her through the house until I know she's safe to be around our cats.
I'm glad I've avoided the really stressful stuff by getting an older puppy, but I really do feel like I can't do anything. I feel like I need to constantly watch her or she's going to pee on something or destroy it. I constantly worry I'm not giving her enough mental stimulation or attention, despite her taking up almost all of my time. What makes it worse is that she's already almost 18kg (40lbs) so she's hard to handle and contain. We have cats in the house that she's territorial towards, so she has to stay in my room most of the time which I hate. We installed a baby gate to see if that would make things easier, but she just pulled herself up and over it once she figured out she could get her paws on the top.
I love her, but I can't help but feel regret. I've been desperate for a dog since my Jack Russell passed away late last year, but was never able to find any success adopting until her. I just don't think I realised how stressful it would be taking care of a puppy myself... my last two dogs were taken care of by my parents when they were puppies, so this is my first time raising a dog myself, and I don't know how much longer I can handle it... but I don't think I can give her up. It wouldn't be fair on her and I've already invested so much into her. I just want to fast forward to when she's friendly with the cats, our yard is completely secure, she's crate trained, we have a dog door (why are they so expensive?!) and everything is fine. If this is what a week does to me I don't know how badly a month or more is going to be on my mental and physical health.
Any advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated... thank you for reading!
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2021.10.24 03:52 AutoModerator Happy Cakeday, r/WWE2K19! Today you're 5

Let's look back at some memorable moments and interesting insights from last year.
Your top 10 posts:

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