That's nice to know.

That’s not a random number. Germany has a resident alien population of about . 11.4 million (up 1.8% in 2020 alone); some . three-quarters of that number are of voting age. If they turned out at ... GOP. 2,158,677 likes · 63,626 talking about this. Follow us on Twitter at, YouTube at Having a gold copy of critical data offline is essential in every organization's disaster recovery or continuity plan. Follow the 3-2-1-1 rule to secure your data. That’s not a glider truck. Not even close. The caption is another total lie — except for the part about Chinese-owned Volvo and Chinese-made Mack lobbying to have gliders killed. The criminality committed by government at every level is just unbelievable. Share this: Share Posted on October 5, 2021 ... As the author of Poor Richard's Almanack, Benjamin Franklin, advised: A penny saved is a penny earned. Now, 200 years after his death on April 17, 1790, Boston and Philadelphia are about to become ... The 2022 Infiniti QX60 is 198.2 inches long, 86 inches wide, and 69.7 inches tall. The front and rear tracks are 66.9 inches wide. The SUV sits 6.7 inches off the ground and has a 114.2-inch long ... VIDEO : Cryptocurrencies constitute just one application of blockchain. But the technology has the potential to transform how we store and secure all kinds of data. “That's exceptional. I think two weeks ago he scored 100 in the league. Now 100 for Liverpool. We give him already the shirt with the 100 on the back – maybe we now have to give him another ... Honkai Impact 3 Official Site - In this Honkai-corrupted world, the Valkyries, brave girls with Honkai resistance, have been fighting for all that is beautiful in the world. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.10.24 04:02 Tommy_Daveed That's nice to know.

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2021.10.24 04:02 Terrible-Sell2480 The state of this subreddit the past few days

I’m sure it’s not just me that’s noticed that over the past few days the amount of negative and combative posts has increased.
A lot of it seems to have started after VIC came out of lockdown and then subsequent announcements of restrictions easing and vaccine thresholds from other states being announced.
I wonder if it’s because there’s less things to complain about due to the lockdowns ending or if these people have just had all these types of posts ready to go as some sort of “break in case of emergency” thing.
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2021.10.24 04:02 darclord1 I'm a still straight if I wack off to gay porn, fuck Charlie behind my wife's back, read playgirl, and have a crush on that muscular car machanic? I mean both Charile and car guy are manly men who like doing physical activities like cutting wood and hammering shit.

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2021.10.24 04:02 Necrokitty99 Modern Mythology of the Punk Vampire

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2021.10.24 04:02 Fr3borg W: Skeleton Army

Want: Skeleton Army
Have: wallbreakers, electro dragon, x-bow, pekka, electro giant, goblin giant, giant skeleton, cannon, bowlerhunter, guards, rage and mirror?
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2021.10.24 04:02 caelric DC Comics Introduces First Trans Amazon In 'Wonder Woman' Series

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2021.10.24 04:02 micr0nix Looking to either cut down my dragon 20 times or push to spider 16+

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2021.10.24 04:02 cozycandy The shadow duo :)

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2021.10.24 04:02 redditfloki1 Best spot just to be myself

Hey there stunning individuals I basically expected to make genuine associate with all of you
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2021.10.24 04:02 varszabee My garage as F2P on 24.10.2021

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2021.10.24 04:02 JRBA719 Make assumptions.

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2021.10.24 04:02 Shrek_Papi I don’t own the DLC maps but it still lets me play them?

Is this some kind of glitch? When I’m browsing the servers and I see maps like achi baba, verdun heights, zeebrugge, etc I can still get in and play with no problem, even tho I definitely don’t own these DLCs. Have these just been special events or have they lifted restrictions? I’m so confused
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2021.10.24 04:02 Emergency-Ad3792 Will there ever be another good Star Wars movie again?

Or just straight to Disney plus.
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2021.10.24 04:02 That-Still8154 Onlyfans: YungKitten

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2021.10.24 04:02 QAnoncoin The QAnoncoin

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2021.10.24 04:02 MrILoveBlonde12 Please help with these

  1. Here is Jagger and Rory having a snuggle fest or
Here are Jagger and Rory having a snuggle fest

  1. Let's say I want to write a caption on my social media page. Do I say :

10 years in Seattle - some photos of the experiences so far.. or
10 years in Seattle - some photos of the experience so far..
With an "s" or without an "s" for the word of "experience"

  1. A : I kinda feel like you said some things you did mean.
B: No, I didn’t
A: yes , because that is what you felt about me and meant.
Is this a correct conversation ?
By using “because that is” instead of “ that was” cause I’m referring to past event.
  1. A: How was you Disney cruise ?
B: Oh, it was great
A: They have water slides and 5 pools.
Why have ? Usually it’s “had” if it’s in past event .
  1. Mary : Oh my god , must be two feet of snow out there already. Had to tie my bra to the antenna so
I could find my car in the morning.
Rooster : Smart.
Mary: I just told you I wasn’t wearing a bra, and you didn’t ask to motorboat me ?
Two questions :
Why not “two feets” ?
Why “wasn’t wearing” when in fact she is still not wearing why not “I just told you I’m not wearing…” ?
  1. Joanne : Man, this storm is not letting up.
Beau: Well, I guess we just have to keep drinking.
Joanne : Mmm. I knew, I liked you.
Why “I liked you” does it mean that she doesn’t like him anymore ?
  1. How to use me and I ?
It’s You and I, Heather and I, Abby and I
But what about “me” like
Me and heather etc
I read something if it’s a subject and subject then it’s them doing the action but if it’s me and subject then the action is being done to them. Please help me with this
it’s a different usage I try to find an article or webpage to study about this. But couldn’t find it till this day.

  1. I watched the first episode and thought it was a shit show ,but actually it is not or
    I watched the first episode and thought this was a shit show, but actually it was not
So , was or is ?
9.. Is this a correct sentence ?
“Glad to meet some friends today that I hadn’t seen for a year.”
“Finally got to eat food, that I hadn’t been wanting to try in over a year.”
Can I use past perfect for that ?
Cause usually past perfect has like “simple past tense” in it example :
“The meeting had already started, when I joined in.”
“He was tired, because he had been running all morning.”
I mean in the sentence that I am asking there there is no “simple past tense.”
  1. Let’s say I’m working on a homework and I’m asking my friend about her result. As I'm currently working on my homework, the setting is present. My friend has completed one of the questions I'm asking about.
Should I say :
Is this what you get or
Is this what you got
  1. Can I use passive voice with words like “from” and “because”
Usually passive voice is like :
Coca-Cola was invented by John Pemberton. There is “by” there. But can I use passive voice with words like “from” and “because”
Like this is it correct ?
"Help is needed from a native speaker or teacher"
Can I say it without the "is" and "a" like “Help needed from Native or Teacher" just to make it shorter and faster to say it ? Would it imply a different meaning.
"The dog was released from the man's grasp."
But can I use passive voice with words like “from” and “because”
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2021.10.24 04:02 TheOccy You have to pick one possesion, and it will be the only thing to your name for the rest of your life. What do you pick?

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2021.10.24 04:02 EOFYday any basic guides to completing your tax?

I haven't submitted my tax return yet, is there any free guides on simple things I can claim without receipts?
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2021.10.24 04:02 petertho Git source for `nvim-cmp`
Special thanks for tjdevries and his video.
This is my first plugin and real open source contribution. Hope you guys like it!
Any suggestions for improvements is much appreciated. First additional feature I would like to add is support for github (and maybe even bitbucket)
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2021.10.24 04:02 redscarf78963 Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians (2019) Sezonul 1 Episodul 4 Online Subtitrat In Romana - Seriale Si Filme

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2021.10.24 04:02 5g3regg Classics Yield Farming with High APRs and Characters for staking.

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2021.10.24 04:02 Sonal_K96 [Unknown > English] What is the name of this book?

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2021.10.24 04:02 Anime__GPT2 The best part about anime is being able to write a whole line of words and put them in a sentence.

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2021.10.24 04:02 Elshebokshy تعرف علي اهم الرموز والاختصارات التى يستخدمها السويدين خصوصا اثناء الكتابة

تعرف علي اهم الرموز والاختصارات التى يستخدمها السويدين خصوصا اثناء الكتابة submitted by Elshebokshy to Elshebokshy [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 04:02 Virtual_Bid_6578 190: CRITICAL LOW-BATTERY ERROR “THINKPAD T430s”

I got my thinkpad T430s in a relatively cheap price as some keys weren’t working on the keyboard. Well, I replaced it within few days. thats the only change I’ve done so far. It has been a month since the day I purchased it.
From few days a “ 190: CRITICAL LOW BATTERY ERROR “ appears before the bios appears. It doesn’t go any further and shuts down.
Could anyone please help me solve this problem?
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