ba77f a3edr sfnsf ah48z 3ndkh aie6r e7sa4 2ar6e 7kkh6 thbif 29y5i 65zaz bettf hfh3a nyn46 fibhy h8y63 73tt3 ey62b b8iiz k2f3r paso wsp de mi novia si le mandan foto de la pija |

paso wsp de mi novia si le mandan foto de la pija

2021.10.24 02:37 Altruistic_Cod4374 paso wsp de mi novia si le mandan foto de la pija

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2021.10.24 02:37 Impressive_Risk9726 $DOGEHUMP || Earn $DOGE dividend 🐶 || Just Launched 🚀 Diamond handed community 🔥 Dev team in VC!

Want to see Doge to $1 and beyond? Want to be a part of the most united crypto community? Want to earn some free Doge coins?
If you have an YES to any of these, then buy $DOGEHUMP and get free $DOGE
Why choose $DOGEHUMP? These are all the reasons and more 👇🏼
Small report of what we've achieved so far as Community!
A rough launch!
It was a though 60 minutes right after we fair launched! We got heavily botted, tg accounts got mass flagged and removed, our twitter got shadowbanned and we had to change telegram due to the group link not functioning anymore!
But we managed to make quick decisions regroup and get our launch back on track again!
DOGEHUMP doesn't die! We MULTIPLY!
Influencer Marketing?
We have got numerous influencers on board like - CryptoGPO, Shane and even Zach Boychuk. Zach Boychuk loved the project and spent about an hour on the community voice chat. His call was a special one as he muted his group for more than 2 hours after making the call, followed by the tweet on next day.
Special memes and videos were made for the Messiah (1GoonRich), he liked them so much that he willingly came onboard.
Awesome Community!
In the meantime we’ve had some true gems from the community step up and set out to create DOGE- Nation!
Community members took it on themselves to make $DogeHump trending on PooCoin. For the first time in crypto world, a new bot was created to track the poocoin rankings. $DogeHump grew from outside 100 to inside top 10 within a span of 12 hours.
We’ve got multiple TG pins up by groups that saw the same potential as us and together with the influencers and some hidden gems from the community itself this got us up from that dark and messy start!
What now?
We have more exposure lined up in a few more hours so keep holding that $DOGEHUMP and keep on sharing those beautiful screenshots of your rewards filling up your wallet!
Newer paid influencers will come on board.
After trending on poocoin, Dextool trending will be the goal
Results of a shilling contests were announced few hours back and many more contests will come up in future.
Practical info:
🚀🚀 100x potential spotted 🚀🚀
🐶🐶 DogeHump 🐶🐶
🔊Devs in VC [a lot]
💡LP locked
Tax Fee: 10%
7% DOGE rewards
2% Marketing
1% Liquidity Fee
Contract: 0x0cd761f076abec34f6b7193ec252743f5978fd5e
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.24 02:37 THC-Lab Ah, it's finally autumn.

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2021.10.24 02:37 108army Punjabi Samaj

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2021.10.24 02:37 theunordinaryfreak Indian Internationals tell me about your ECs

i focused this whole while in academics, plan was to give JEE and get into a good gov uni like IITs and NITs, now i'm thinking of applying to foreign universities. my ECs suck (pretty much nothing interesting), so tell me about your ECs and also if you got any advices/tips to expand my ECs, please do.
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2021.10.24 02:37 x3thelast Final form?….Maybe

Final form?….Maybe submitted by x3thelast to FixedGearBicycle [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 02:37 Brett-253 Boeing/College vs. Military

Hello, I’m 21 years old… I want to go to the military but don’t want to do it also. I wanted to go in at 18 but talked my self out of it and doing the same thing at 21. I’ve been going through a lot of shit at home as my grandma is 75 (I live with my grandma) and she’s not getting any younger and neither am I but I’m still taking advantage of living here but my real question is… Do I work at Boeing for 6 years to max out at 45 an hour while going to college to be an X-Ray tech while also moving my way up in the scale to get more and more money, ultimately I’ll be financially set if I do that or do I stop procrastinating and just go to the military even though whenever I try to study for the asvab my mind just isn’t going for it since my heart isn’t in it. I’d only go for the benefits not the experience for the 3 years because either way I’ll retire at 60. If I go to the Air Force Reserves or Air National Guard it’ll be the same thing more of a hassle.
I’ve also got a car payment to pay off, it’ll be paid off in April
It would take 6 years to max out at Boeing & 6 for X-Ray, Including CT & MRI
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2021.10.24 02:37 TheMightyCarolusRex Is running a dual wielding and double handed weapon warrior viable?

I like the idea of being a warrior who can sometimes be fast and agile and then whip out the big guns when I want. What would the best specializations be. Would it be possible to put enough points into both dual wielding and two handed to make them viable late game.
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2021.10.24 02:37 DHG_Alt2 Trying to meet some people, been alone for a while. Text if you want

Hi, I was wanting to meet someone since I'm lonely. Anyways I'm 17 almost 18 and I live in US. I mostly enjoy games, youtube, politics and circuitry. I don't mind people with other interests but preferably be 13-19. If you want to talk then send a request, that's all, bye.
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2021.10.24 02:37 HarietTubesock [WTB] 308 BCG [TX]

Whatever you got.
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2021.10.24 02:37 AnybodyDesperate8480 Nigga got stabbed in the back and got turned into literal shit💩

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2021.10.24 02:37 toast_your_bread Suggestion on to many buildings problems.

Supercell should add a store system Like you can store some buildings but not all like town hall clan castle your get the point. Example, you store cannons and switch it For a archer tower if you are trying to add more buildings in the future Let your creative mind roam.
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2021.10.24 02:37 GamersLaboratory Batman Arkham Knight - Battle for GCPD

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2021.10.24 02:37 mudokin Maximum amount of connections to a Mlapi Multiplayer server

So I was thinking of making a multiplayer game targeted for streaming. The question is, how many players could a simple game handle and even further, how many spectators could a server handle? Spectators would obviously be able to see the game, change the view to their respected streamer but not really interact with the game. Maybe trigger one or two events.
I am thinking that the server does not have to calculate a lot for the spectators input, if any, so the computing load wouldn't be a problem.
I did a quick Google search but I did not find an answer.
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2021.10.24 02:37 customnewspk PIA receives delivery of A320 aircraft - NewsnReleases

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2021.10.24 02:37 rezeb Took the darling to the snow today, only had a couple slips. Australia, Tasmania.

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2021.10.24 02:37 jacobvdl ayo how

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2021.10.24 02:37 BuffRaidenMK11 My friend and I had our birthday, so the rest of the gang made us a cake based on our pleasure and suffering.

My friend and I had our birthday, so the rest of the gang made us a cake based on our pleasure and suffering. submitted by BuffRaidenMK11 to destiny2 [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 02:37 SunGikat 211024 Eunhyuk in SBS Inkigayo

211024 Eunhyuk in SBS Inkigayo submitted by SunGikat to superjunior [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 02:37 Ivy_BlueLan A sneak peak of Pierro the 1st Futui Harbinger, also known as the Jester

A sneak peak of Pierro the 1st Futui Harbinger, also known as the Jester submitted by Ivy_BlueLan to Genshin_Impact_Leaks [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 02:37 Realdeedid8 How does my beard look like it’s my new glasses

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2021.10.24 02:37 Asleep-Strawberry716 it’s the perfect season for this

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2021.10.24 02:37 Relevant_Antelope_70 Fantasy romance book, male lead moves into new town with family and meets a series of unfortunate events, a girl (who is also a witch) helps boy travel back to medieval times to reverse a curse that was placed on his family. Book has black cover with a red ring on it.

Read this book back in late elementary/middle school (2010/2011). I remember this book had a black cover with a red and gold(?) ring on it.
Book is about a boy that recently moved into a new town with his family, and his family seems to meet a series of unfortunate events there. The boy meets a girl that lives with her aunt, who are actually both witches and can see magical/supernatural forces. The girl and the aunt realize that the boy has some cursed energy around him that is causing all of these tragic events to happen in his family. Boy thinks the girl and their aunt are both crazy, but eventually believes them once his father gets into a horrific boating(?) accident. Girl and boy have to travel back into medieval times to defeat the warlock that had originally placed the curse on the boy’s family. Some other random things I remember are the girl and the boy had to pose as a married couple, there was something special about a red and gold ring, the girl gets kidnapped by the warlock at some point, there is a final battle on a cliff, and the bit and girl fall in love during the adventure.
Does anybody know what novel I’m talking about? :)
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2021.10.24 02:37 CormacTheDoggo I'm looking for two people too join me in hardcore mc (JAVA)

I'm looking for two people too join me in hardcore mc but you can revive people with diamonds, each time someone dies and is revived the price gets higher.
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2021.10.24 02:37 pintojune12 Need M70 buffer tube adapter recommendations

Looking for a good adapter to try a buffer tube and AR stock on my M70.
Also is there a preferred brand/model buffer tube you guys would recommend? Weight is not an issue, gimme something beefy so I can bludgeon some skin walkers with the stock.
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