2021.10.24 03:19 u_Tempr poll

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2021.10.24 03:19 lochydjango IfIFitsISits Subreddit Statistics

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2021.10.24 03:19 Outrageous-Speech866 24 M Latino looking for dom white men to show me my place. SC: damian_lope3360

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2021.10.24 03:19 killno1991 Toast is asking your money or got beaten up by Miyoung

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2021.10.24 03:19 Kiwi_Pretzel First draft for numbers :D

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2021.10.24 03:19 MarcusFaze Another L

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2021.10.24 03:19 BadKidOh Console Commands

For all you cheaters out there.
You want to make a new Json file named Settings.json in the EmpireOfSin folder:
Or you can copy the one in the Settings.json in Settings folder:
The new file just needs this text in it or if you copied the Settings.json in the Settings folder then replace the text in the copy with this:
{ "developerMode": "true" }
You should see "[Dev] QA Perf Test" on start menu if it worked.
Also her some commands. also it doesn't seem like you need to put them in 1 at a time? Their also the developer menu when hitting ESC.
Here is the code to increase Loyalty and Morale
Some Empire Bonuses:
Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireBrothelIncreasedEarnings") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireSpeakeasyIncreasedEarnings") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireBreweryReducedUpkeep") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireSpeakeasyIncreasedEarningsStrong") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireBrothelRaidProtection") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireSpeakeasyRaidProtection") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireCasinoRaidProtection") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireBreweryProductionRateIncrease") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireCasinoDrawIncrease") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireBreweryExtraGuard") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireBrothelExtraGuard") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireCasinoExtraGuard") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireCasinoIncreasedEarningsStrong") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireBrothelReducedNegativeEvents") Dev.player.faction.boss:applyBonus("EmpireSpeakeasyReducedUpkeep")
States maxing whoever is selected:
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("marksmanship", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("leadership", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("intimidation", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("explosives", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("melee", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("thievery", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("medical", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("initiative", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("persuasion", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("defense", 300)
Dev.selectedChar.skills:set("movement", 300)
You need max Notoriety before using it on your Boss or the numbers will go negative.
This is for making selected Crew unkillable.
Could be a problem when Crew try to kill each other over lovers. Still trying to disable that. Could look in:
C:\Empire of Sin\EmpireOfSin_Data\StreamingAssets\GameData_Win64~\Lua\Scripts\Relationships\Loves.lua
with notepad++.
Here are the codes for game speed changes.
Using this code 30 times will stack PickPocket and you will be able to loot many things. if you don't mind a 30 icons in the menu.
You will have to use this multiple times remove all 30.
Although I just use: Dev.addItem("ITEM.ARMOR.ARMOR_07",11)
Dev.giveAllUtility() for Health packs & stuff.
Although AllWeapons is a bit buggy. can be fixed by selling stuff, kinda? like place holder weapons & stuff like the hook & throwing knifes
Might be better to add them 1 at a time with this.
For weaponID :
C:\Empire of Sin\EmpireOfSin_Data\StreamingAssets\GameData_Win64~\Lua\Scripts\DataSheets\WeaponStats.lua
Here is all the weapon proficiency:
Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("SteadfastAim") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("Huntsman") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("PunctureHide") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("WingClip") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("InColdBlood") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("Pincushion") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("SightAlignment") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("Blindside") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("SniperNest") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("BreachShot") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("MaintainDistance") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("ShoveOff") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("ImprovedHandling") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("MachinegunExpert") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("FiringStance") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("PeakPerformance") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("PreyOnTheWeak") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("IronGrip") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("FullOfLead") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("HitAndRun") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("SoftBoiled") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("PushOff") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("ShotgunCloseAndPersonal") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("Freeloader") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("BornBare") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("ThirstForViolence") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("InvigoratingKill") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("MeanStreak") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("RunUp") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("CounterStrike") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("SteadyHands") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("CloseAndPersonal") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("Sureshot") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("PickYourShots") Dev.selectedChar.behaviours:addSingleton("Executioner")
Just copy the wall of text. I guess as you can put more then 1 cheat in at a time sometimes. also select a person.
Have fun.
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2021.10.24 03:19 Accomplished_Ebb751 I’m 21 with no friends,

Hi I am a 21 yr with no friends, I stay in my apartment all day and watch TikTok and smoke . I have a dog that’s pretty much it . I’ve made friends in the last two weeks but they both ended up ghosting me. I’m getting seriously depressed being by myself all the time. Since I was a kid people have told me I’m weird so I think that’s why I’m alone Most of the time
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2021.10.24 03:19 Sexybigasiann 28 [M4F] need a distraction

Looking for someone one down is down to chat I’m viet who lives in the United States. I find Filipina women super attractive and awesome to talk to talk too. We can get to know each other on a bases sfw or nsfw.
I’m opening to anything, I want to hear from you more. See you soon!
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2021.10.24 03:19 shelbyandjordan Te Araroa | Episode 14 - RICHMOND RANGES / Part 1

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2021.10.24 03:19 Impressive_Rate_1002 juul pods

most places in san marcos have really leaky juul pods. anyone know where the food quality pods at in this town??
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2021.10.24 03:19 djeves Does anyone know if DIO will be calculated as having FTL/MFTL speed?

Jotaro vs Kenshiro apparently didn’t have it, which most likely means that DIO won’t get it either, is DIO still faster than Alucard even if he isn’t FTL?
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2021.10.24 03:19 iaminsideyourhouse1 racist karen gets punched

not my original post or video but I thought it would be fun to watch , this video has almost 1 million views so it is possible that you would have seen this before , so in this video , the karen starts swearing at two guys , even going as far as saying the n-word , when they finally lose their temper and punch her , you could hear the fear in her voice which was shaken from the punch she got , I bet she didn't expect them to get back into the elevator , here the link .
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2021.10.24 03:19 Ok_Tale_116 What do you call an LGBT+ meercat? >!A QUEER-CAT!!!!! HAPPY YOU DON’T NEED TO EXPLAIN YOUR IDENTITY TO ANYONE DAY! *which is every day*!<

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2021.10.24 03:19 happily_caffeinated Friends With My Ex

What are your thoughts on being friends with your ex? We were together for 4 years and share the same friend group. We see each other here and there depending on the plans with our friends. I still care deeply about them, as do they and we really just want to see each other happy as independents. A factor in the break up was that they weren't happy with themselves and couldn't offer me the love that I deserved. When we talk, there's definitely some chemistry there, but we do seem happier being friends/without the relationship aspect. I know we'll always be there for one another. I really do believe we're still good friends. One thing to add is I got into a new relationship a couple months ago (pretty soon after my ex and I had broken up). The real dilemma is that recently, I've been conflicted about my feelings between my ex and my current partner. I thought I was over my ex when I committed to the relationship, but recently have been reflecting on my feelings and previous relationship a lot. I do really like my current partner, it seems like they're a lot of things my ex couldn't offer me/lost sight of during the relationship. We have really good chemistry as well, along with values and goals. Something does seem off though. I think it's the fact that I don't feel like I "love" them yet (only 2 months in) or feel the same way I felt with my ex. I'm not sure what to do or whether my feelings are normal or worng. Debating on whether I moved on too fast and worried that I'm going to hurt someone in the end.
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2021.10.24 03:19 TFTKeni21 Sol DISORDERS

if you like enigma, you should take a look. A treassure hunt with 13 SOL prices ATM. You have to find 12 worlds of the wallet feed to get the treassure. Admin are on discord to create an absolute insane ambiance.
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2021.10.24 03:19 Anubhaba1053 Parcel released from customs then went dead , no updates from 4 days

My parcels have been stayed at customs for like 2-3 weeks then finally they decided to release them . I was really glad then there's just no update
It just says custom cleared or released from customs then no more progress . It's frustrating .
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2021.10.24 03:19 fajadraws Pelican tries to eat a duck

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2021.10.24 03:19 Shr3k_H4s_Sw4g Litrally😳😳😳

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2021.10.24 03:19 MiraSaiti I feel like my relationship with my son is getting ruined because of me

(Must Pm because comments aren't working on reddit for some reason) I'd rather not say publicly about my issues but we live in a fairly wealthy neighborhood but almost 11 years ago my husband passed away and I have been struggling to pay rent and other bills. I only make 1100 a month and I'm struggling to find a better paying job. My son has gotten a part time job to help us but I'm just really stressed and I've been getting mad at him although hes done nothing wrong. I feel terrible
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2021.10.24 03:19 nmcgus Toyota Parts Return Policy

Hey everyone quick question. I have a B1100 code on my 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4D and I would like to replace the airbag sensor assembly new from Toyota. Thing is that the new airbag sensor assembly is around $700 for the part only. I just wanted to ask if the code does not go away for any reason, could I still return the assembly back to Toyota? Or am I keeping it forever now lol
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2021.10.24 03:19 LittlePickle-- Attraction to my partner

My partner and I have been dating for 3 years and I love them to bits, but I'm having a bit of a problem being attracted to them physically... Over this past year they have gained quite a bit of weight and I'm finding myself less attracted to them. I feel awful for feeling this way because I love them so much and I don't want to tell them they need to lose weight because it's their body and not my business. I know I would feel bad if they said the same to me so why would I do that to them? On top of this, they've always had problems with their teeth and brushing. I find it makes it hard for me to want to kiss them because of their lack of oral hygiene. I've mentioned it to them a few times and they brush regularly now, but I've noticed they still have soft plaque after and I don't want to keep nagging them that they need to do better...
I really don't want to hurt their feelings or keep bugging them that they're not doing good enough, but it's affecting our relationship... I am in no way great shape and I completely understand gaining some weight but it's been alot and I worry for their health, they like to eat out alot and I'm having a hard time always being the bad guy and saying we shouldn't.
Any advice is appreciated
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2021.10.24 03:19 ryne577 First set ever

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2021.10.24 03:19 RegularOk7061 Nba youngboy’s new artist released a new project

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2021.10.24 03:19 seanerzat Fix The Colorblind Modes

When you turn on a colorblind mode it changes the outfit colors too. Outfit colors and team colors got unlinked ages ago and I don't want to have to see everyone's outfits in new nauseating color palettes just to be able to properly see what's happening.
800+ hours tho and plenty more ahead in this glorious game but I'd like to spend them actually knowing when someone is out of stamina or being able to clearly catch incoming attacks.
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