Almost synced

2022.01.25 11:50 ptrknvk Almost synced

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2022.01.25 11:50 jki2876 what's the ceiling for this blues eyes deck and any tips for improvement

what's the ceiling for this blues eyes deck and any tips for improvement
first time deckbuilder played on the playground once or twice as a kid but never beyond that
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2022.01.25 11:50 Pliskkenn_D Cards not part of boxes?

So, I've grabbed Venus, Preludes, and the alternative maps and I think I'm just missing Colonies and Turmoil. But there appears to be a myriad of promo cards out and about. Is there any way to get a hold of them all?
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2022.01.25 11:50 MastaInDaPasta Uh It's a rollercoaster.

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2022.01.25 11:50 ItsEdgarAllanBro 24 M4M/R • Looking For A Bro/Male Friend

I’ve found it tough to find and friends in general. I’ve met few through Reddit since losing contact with a few local friends since college and now working full time. Pandemic hasn’t made things easier in that aspect but I hope I have better luck this time around on Reddit.
•PC Gaming — Looking for new games and people to game with, recently got a new computer. (Genshin, DBD, Among Us, The Forest plus more)
•Books — Comics, Manga, Novels
•Music — Rock, Alternative, and RnB
•Writing — Journaling
Please feel free to reach out if you simply need someone to talk to, or ask any questions.
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2022.01.25 11:50 seanharrisonnlp I have blown my crypto account. Why?

I have blown my crypto account and now I am worried!!!
Does this happen even to the pros or just the beginners?
New Crypto Traders often get themselves into these sorts of situations due to lack of experience but you find pros doing the same thing even though they follow strict rules, they have risk management protocols and have a peer group of other pros around them.
The thing is both the newbies and seasoned pros are human and can easily fall into the same trap. Being too process driven and not listening to your intuition or being over emotional and not sticking to the script can cause the same disastrous outcome; huge losses!
A pro trader may be successful for years and then one day they go and blow it all. Why?
You have to be able to balance your emotions and your logic thinking consistently. One does not go without the other.
Emotion commands 80% of your thought processes. While logic commands 20%. It is crucial to understand your emotional thinking and to have it in check otherwise you have a high risk of making bad decisions. Working on your logical thinking is also important and you can change your patterns for better ones to follow a clear strategy.
You hear about so many bright and intelligent traders who have done the work have the strategy but can't stick to it. Why do they get in their own way?
The fundamental solution to a powerful mindset is working with your subconscious processes so you can analyse the root cause of negative behaviour, remove it and install new preferred behaviours and strategies so you can freely execute your plan of action without fear or doubt.
It possible to unlearn unhelpful patterns that you could have picked up from childhood so start to work on you and not just your trading methods because they might not be the problem.
Happy trading!!! 📈📊💹
#bitcoin #crypto #bitcoinusa #cryptocurrencies #binary #bitcoinminning
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2022.01.25 11:50 netbookdelgob Instalación eléctrica anafe induccion

Buenas a todos, me regalaron un anafe de 4 hornallas a induccion. El tema es que las 4 a maxima potencia consumen 7000 watts. Obviamente nunca voy a usar los 4 al mango, porque el propio fabricante lo desaconseja. Usando 2 hornallas consumiria 3000 watts
Algun electricista tiene idea de como se cablea este bicho? Por lo que vi y conozco, deberia salir de la caja de térmicas un cable de 6mm con termica aparte para el anafe, pero que enchufe le pongo? La anafe viene con 4 cables pelados Este es el esquema que está en el cable.
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2022.01.25 11:50 IndieZona What time EST should I start pulling?

Totally useless explanatory paragraph, I played Genshin day 1 buy have played MAYBE a total of 15 hours since then. I started on mobile but last week downloaded it to my PC and found it to be a lot more fun and so I wanted to really get into it. I have also really liked Ganyu for a while so basically when I heard she was having a rerun I asked around and heard my best chances, as someone with not a lot of money, too much free time, and not a lot of hours in the game, my best chances were to just reroll my account until I finally pull her. I just wanna know what time EST I need to start doing so so that I waste as little time as possible. I tried looking it up and I saw somewhere it said 5am but its almost 10 now and last time I tried Shenhe was still featured.

TL;DR I like Ganyu and am gonna reroll my account until I get her. What time EST do I need to start?
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2022.01.25 11:50 painonpain Xanax for stress/panic attacks

How much does Xanax help with short term relief of stress/anxiety and agitation? As well as shortness of breath?? I never had xanax but had diazepam once and it did nothing to calm me down it only made me sleepy. What mg of Xanax actually helps?
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2022.01.25 11:50 craigfisher313 Greenleaf Memecoin: 90% locked LP, low supply community coin

☘️ Greenleaf memecoin is a fully community owned token without a usecase for now and was created only for breaking ATHs but there might be a real usecase soon as we progress in the near future☘️
☘️Why should you invest here?
☘️ It's a fully community owned token ☘️Low total supply of 10,000 GM ☘️100% Trusted dev ☘️90% LP locked on tinylock for 2+ months☘️
☘️ Important links ☘️
☘️ASA ID: 565500205
☘️ Algoexplorer:
☘️Buy link:
☘️90% LP lock link:
☘️Telegram group link:
☘️ Reddit page:
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2022.01.25 11:50 captainbutt Looking for more friends to XP grind

4341 5366 2054 Daily gifts
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2022.01.25 11:50 pathologicalOutlier RDR2.EXE not working

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2022.01.25 11:50 Hippemann [AFC Ajax] Legends are always welcome. Christian Eriksen is training with Jong Ajax this week. The Danish international is working to keep his fitness levels until he finds a new club.

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2022.01.25 11:50 Chhotulal1981 What is Rebirth ?

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2022.01.25 11:50 Markimire And so he shall be known… THE BLACK MAMBAJAMBA, Lord of The Grind!

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2022.01.25 11:50 PsychoKat2 Local sheep commits arson

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2022.01.25 11:50 oldguydrinkingbeer Boone County Commission votes to add 'Wayfair tax' to April ballot

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2022.01.25 11:50 Organic_Quail2229 STOP COMPARING RAP3

You leaving your kids and claiming "alienation" does not at all compare to a rape victim telling their story 😬😬
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2022.01.25 11:50 teafornight Can I get Uk student visa if I had visa previous refusal for visit visa?

In 2015 my grandfather applied for my visit visa but for some documents problem i got rejected. But now i would like to apply for student visa by myself. So could anyone tell me What's the possibility of getting Visa acceptance for student visa now? Help me!
P.s. I also have visit visa acceptance in 2013
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2022.01.25 11:50 Sexykatperth Popular spot tonight 😈

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2022.01.25 11:50 one-man-team [HIRING] Men & Women to make videos using products

Looking for models both men & women who can create videos for social media (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram) showcasing, unboxing, or wearing various products.
This job is completely remote, and long-term yet we do not require commitment.
Let me start by explaining how our program works.

  1. We ship you products
  2. You create videos showcasing / using the product
  3. We pay you for those videos
  4. We ship you more products for you to shoot more videos
Who we're looking for:
This is similar to an acting job in a way, we're searching for certain attributes in appearance & other.
Why you should join us:
$210-$280 per month for 30 short videos.
Shortly after you start working with us we will give you opportunities to make more videos and get paid more.
About Us:
We make social media ad videos for ecommerce companies.
Sounds interesting? Apply by message me directly.
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2022.01.25 11:50 AdministrativeTable6 [USA-NY][H] PayPal/Local Cash [W] MacBook Pro USB-C Power Adapter (96W preferred)

As mentioned in my title, I am looking to purchase a USB-C Power Adapter to use with a MacBook Pro. I would prefer a 96w Power Adapter if possible. Open to doing a local purchase if you are in NYC. Otherwise, I am willing to pay via PayPal Goods and Services.
Please leave a comment before sending me a PM. Thanks.
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2022.01.25 11:50 callofthesupramonte Your mental disorder isn't an excuse for your behavior. If anything, it's the cause of it an your true nature.

There's no "sweet girl" behind that face. Your dead stare speaks for itself. When you're good to others, you're just mirroring. Your true nature isthat of a manipulative, irresponsible, sadistic whore. Just a quick reminder. You didn't have sex with me because you don't find me attractive enough but wanted to lead me on for free attention. When you saw a stupid, meaningless post on my Instagram about a person I thought I was friend with but led me on the same way you did, being flirty and blurring my vision with "lovey dovey" thoughts (and making me unable to notice her unstable, erratic behavior, her lies, the gaslighting, her promiscuity and of course hypergamy - because if she were just promiscuous at least I would've fucked her; it wouldn't have changed the fact that I didn't want anything romantic with her deep down, but at least my clouded mind would of had a quick dopamine rush and I could have jacked off to a real pussy for the first time in a year; three years have passed since then, and she's nothing more than an unpleasant memory), you lashed out. For no reason. The point was that you wanted to discard an orbiter that wasn't useful to you anymore, after you gave him the silent treatment for two weeks. However, this time it didn't worked the same way that it did when we "broke up" three years ago; except for the very day you blocked me and discarded me, I've never been better. I'm happy that you aren't in my life anymore. You said so many times that I disgust you, don't worry, the feeling is mutual, at least the reason you disgust me has a real basis to back it up, yours is probably just for my looks, because I'm not a tattooed Chad who loves reggaeton, sells cocaine, beats random "weak" guys up and drives expensive cars (you're almost 30 but your mind isn't any different than that of a 12 year old), since I've never EVER been abusive to you,or any of the things you accused me of. YOU WERE THE ABUSIVE ONE. I just played an NPC role in your imaginary monologue. I was no one. You never respected me - in fact when we were "together" you cheated on me FOUR TIMES, blocked me, threatened me to call the police for harassment, then hoovered me back into the mess that's your life, rinse and repeat, I'm lucky that it was long-distance, otherwise probably you would have also been physically violent - you claimed to love me just so that you could lead me on and make me feel miserable once again, you tried hoovering me so many times, claiming to want to date me every time you thought I was hanging out with another girl, or even casually mentioning one - you got mad at me for mentioning a female classmate - but whenever you dated someone else and I dared express even the slightest hint of disappointment, you lashed out at me and told me to fuck off, and that you owed me nothing, tried friendzoning me then saw that it wouldn't work out and gave me the silent treatment. Whenever you spoke about your problems, I was forced to stay in religious silence and console you, I tried giving you advice, but you just brushed it off and kept doing the same stuff over and over, and if I ever disagreed with you, i was "against you" and "not a friend"; however, if I was the one who wasn't doing well, you would brush it off for the most part, and fake concern only when you were love bombing me. Do you still think that you don't owe me anything? Well here's the thing: YOU OWE ME SOMETHING. THE SAME THING YOU OWE TO THE PEOPLE YOU SPAT ON, INCLUDING YOUR FAMILY, COWORKERS, EX'S, MY FAMILY WHO ALMOST GOT SHATTERED TO PIECES AFTER YOU THREATENED ME, YOUR FRIENDS, AND THE LIST CAN ONLY GO ON: YOU OWE US ALL YOUR APOLOGIES AND RESPECT. Take your mental turmoil and your crap out of the equation. I'm not the only person who loved you that you lost over your own misery. But, I guess you'll never change, because you don't see the issue in it.
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2022.01.25 11:50 1_2_3_reddit I bought this antique stained glass lamp from a woman who said her her brother was an antique dealer. I love it, and it has become the centerpiece of my home remodel. Can anyone tell me anything about it?

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2022.01.25 11:50 Dangerous-Wasabi-934 What is happening

I don't know what's happening with me. From past few weeks I like being in home. I used to meet my friend alot and used to hangout with them. But now I don't have same energy that I used to have back then . I feel peace being alone at the moment. Not that I have bad relationship with friends. I have a very good relationship with my friends but I don't know feel pleasure in staying on home and doing other things.
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